JUMC supports mission projects on a local, state, and global level. A few that we take a special interest in include:

UMCOR flood buckets, clean up kits, and hygiene kits. These are used for people in need after disasters including floods, tornados, fires, etc.

We support our local Ministerial Alliance and the missions they support including Thanksgiving Baskets that are prepared for local families in need.

Each year we support our local Angel Tree ministries and nursing homes through our NOEL Project. We have been able to fulfill the wishes of several angels each year as well as providing blankets for our nursing homes.

Jefferson strongly supports Disaster Relief Missions. Jefferson is located in an area where we have been on the receiving end of disaster relief missions due to flooding so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Jefferson United Methodist Church has a monthly communion special schedule. Below each special is highlighted.

January: Skyline Urban Ministries

The mission of Skyline Urban Ministry is to impact lives, empower persons in need and address the roots of poverty in Oklahoma. Our vision is to nurture disciples of Christ to a new level of compassion and respect for those living on the margins by promoting a change in heart through relationships built by serving shoulder-to-shoulder with one another. To learn more about Skyline Urban Ministries visit: https: www.skylineurbanministries.org

February: CJAM (Criminal Justice and Mercy)

The mission of CJAMM is to break generational cycles of prison, addiction, and criminogenic behavior by nurturing healthy Christian relationships with prison inmates and their families, targeting specific reentry needs, providing care for the children of incarcerated parents, and advocacy. The ministry helps former inmates find employment and housing, reunify families, and support them with transportation and other needs. CJAMM volunteers serve in almost every prison in the state of Oklahoma. To learn more about CJAM visit: okumcministries.org/cjam

March: Huan Relations Day

Together, we extend a helping hand to those in crisis so they can overcome formidable obstacles. To learn more about CJAM visit: umcgiving.org

April: One Great Hour of Sharing (UMCOR)

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the globe. UMCOR’s work includes programs and projects in disaster response, health, sustainable agriculture, food security, relief supplies, and more. To learn more about UMCOR visit: umcor.org

May: Peace with Justice


Together, we spread the gospel of peace and encourage cooperation locally, in the United States and globally. To learn more about Peace with Justice visit: umcgiving.org

June: Conference Church Camps

Camp and Retreat Ministries provide experiences that shape and expand the Christian commitment of persons of all ages, empowering them to live the truth of the gospel in their daily lives. These ministries create environments that are conducive to listening and responding to God.

The unique characteristics of these environments include:

  • intentional times and places set apart from daily life, under the guidance of servant leaders,
  • experiential models of learning in which the whole person encounters the word of God,
  • and a community of faith that challenges, nurtures, and celebrates new understandings of God’s action in their lives.

Out of these experiences, people return with the heightened awareness of God’s redeeming grace in Jesus Christ, and are able to be more responsible disciples in God’s world. They enter into local church communities inspired, renewed and dedicated to faithful service. To learn more about Oklahoma Conference Church Camps visit: okumcministries.org

July: Native American Awareness

Together, we empower local spiritual development and educate Native American Seminary students to serve God Faithfully. To learn more about Native American Awareness visit: umcgiving.org

August: Lydia Patterson Institute

Lydia Patterson Institute is committed to providing an environment in which Christian faith, values and knowledge converge to give students a cross-cultural, academic and state-of-the-art education, by creating opportunities to develop skills to succeed and transform a changing world. To learn more about the Lydia Patterson Institute visit: lydiapattersoninstitute.org

September: Prevent / Recover

The goal of Prevent/Recover is to equip churches for ministry in community-based programs of addiction prevention and treatment education. To learn more about Prevent/Recover visit: okumcministries.org

October: World Communion Offering

Together, we enable national and international graduate students to change the world. To learn more about World Communion Sunday visit: umcgiving.org

November: United Methodist Student Day

Together, we educate students so they can make a difference in the world. To learn more about United Methodist Student Day visit: umcgiving.org

December: Circle of Care

Our mission is to provide Christian help, healing, and hope to children and families in crisis to ensure a safe, healthy, and spiritual future. To learn more about Circle of Care visit: circleofcare.org